Communication includes support customers via multiple platforms, creation of direct mailing, lead generation, copyright protection and SMS notices.

Marvistel’s is recognized as being high-quality enterprises by its clients…a great place to work and take careers to the next level by its team members…valuable contributor by the communities in which it operates and consistent supporters of customer acquisitions, solution focused organization. We work with for our clients on corporate strategy, business development, marketing, information technology, compliance and operations.

Lead Toro is a network lead generator in consumer finance for US Payday, Short Term Installment and Auto Finance. Utilizing unique, fresh, organic traffic with some traditional affiliates, we provide our lenders, online and store-front, with prescreened, filtered and unique leads, customer acquisition with conversions and personal attention and detail to their specific needs.

We pride ourselves on our ethical business principles, fraud protection and industry best practices as provided by OLA.  We do not engage in any false, misleading or deceptive advertising campaigns and provide information on credit counseling, education and assistance.

Marvistel, LLC Announces Sale of Lead Envy

Estero, Fla. – January, 1, 2019 – Marvistel, LLC, a leading management consulting firm in the financial services marketplace announced the sale of its lead management software platform, Lead Envy.

This restructuring is an integral step in streamlining Marvistel’s core initiatives; namely lead generation with its subsidiary, Lead Toro, for continued success in the small-dollar lending industry. With this sale both companies can now focus more effectively on their independent goals for long-term sustainable growth.